School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering

The main features of SEECE/VIŠER are following: It is a public, higher education institution, founded by the Republic of Serbia. The main activity is tree year vocational and one year specialized professional education in the fields of electrical engineering, information technology and communications. Graduate students receive bachelor and specialist professional diplomas. The school has seven programs of basic studies, six programs of specialized professional studies, and one distance-learning program. More than hundred teachers work in VIŠER. Thanks to its human and infrastructure resources VIŠER is the local in leader ICT educational field and tends to become the leader in a broader region.

Audio and Video Technologies (Bachelor Degree)

Study program Audio and video technologies at School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science is a unique study program of the vocational studies with the above mention orientation existing in the region. Study program Audio and video technologies forms skilled electrical and IT engineers for audio and video technologies, which will be able to be topped up from technologies used in the field of sound and pictures, in other words training practical work in the field and further skilled training. After graduation from the study program Audio and video technologies, wide spectra of vacations is offered, “all television related”, Internet and studio operations and similar.

Multimedia Technologies and Digital Televisiion (Specialist Degree)

The objective of the study program, the specialized vocational studies in Multimedia technology and digital television, is to establish vocational electric and IT engineering – specialists in the field of multimedia technologies and digital television. The program has been arranged on the basis of the heights European standards for education of professionals in the above-mentioned field. The outcome of the learning process is in the training of the students specifically for performing tasks of in the field of production and post-production multimedia technology and digital television.

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Applied Studies, with its partners from Europe, made its study program Multimedia Technologies and Digital Television, within the TEMPUS project no. 517022-TEMPUS-1-2011-1-RS-TEMPUS-JPCR.